Retinal Detachment

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What is retinal detachment?

Retinal detachment is a condition where the the retina is separated from the wall of the eye. Since the retina is not in its natural position anymore, it does not function properly and leads to rapid vision loss that should be addressed urgently.

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Firstly, a tear or hole form in the retina. Consequently, the retina around the tear is lifted and detached. Although this occurs in the periphery, it goes on to detach the rest of the retina including portion we rely on to see and function.

Most common symptoms associated with retinal tears and detachments are flashes and floaters.

Flashes are when you perceive a source of light in your side vision despite no such thing being there.

Floaters are when you perceive black dots, spider webs, or flying insects in your side vision despite no such thing being there either.

It is important that you seek a retina specialist when you experience flashes or floaters. This is because if a retinal tear is present, it can be treated to avoid a retinal detachment. Also, if a retinal detachment is present, it can be treated before affecting the important portion of the retina.